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Welcome To Troop 333 and Crew 2333 Fort Wayne Indiana

Sponsored By: The Liberty Mills Church of The Nazarene

Upcoming events:

Monday 7/6: PLC Meeting

Location: The church

Time: 7pm - 8pm

Work on setting schedule for the rest of the year



2015 Calendar updated 5-11! 

Recent events

Monday 3/23: Troop Elections

Troop Elections were held and Simon was selected as the new SPL, and Spencer is the ASPL. All Election results below.

PLC / Troop Election results:

SPL: Simon F.

ASPL: Spencer H.

Panther PL: Ryan V.

Panther APL: ???.

Duct Tape PL: Tristian A.

Duct Tape APL: Colby F.

Lightning Phoenix PL: Chris B.

Lightning Phoenix APL: 

Penguin PL: Vinnie L.

Penguin APL: Carson T.

Wolverine PL: Bere C.